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Call of the Wild: Pythom Zoom event taped

Published on:
April 21st 2022

In case you missed it, here goes a taped version of today’s Zoom call. We covered most of the "hottest" questions about our style and development, and also the larger vision of Pythom Space. We touched briefly on our game plan for the near (and far) future. More on that development in the next update.

Thanks to all who joined. We appreciate the good vibes prior to the event and also some of the thoughtful, detailed questions that were too extensive to cover in the timeframe. We really appreciate the effort and will definitely get back to you.

In closing, we hope this conference served to inspire those of you who want to join the movement of the new “New Space”. Our world is in turmoil, you can be the change.

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Tina Sjogren
Tina Sjogren