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Pythom Speakers at International Space Convention in Bursa, Turkey

Published on:
August 23 2022

International Space Convention 2022 will host over 100 world-renowned space industry speakers and experts, ranging from government space agencies to private space companies and over 95 lectures during the 3-days of the convention.

Hear from the world-renowned space experts and scientists about new rising trends, advances and concepts in space industry, including: Earth and Deep Space Observation, SatCom and Data Analysis, Human Space Missions, Space Law and Regulations, Commercial Space Travel, Financial Outlook of the Space Industry, Funding Opportunities for the Emerging Space Start-Ups and many more, including a presentation of the Pythom Space project by founders Tom and Tina Sjogren.

ISC 2022 Tickets

ISC 2022 Agenda and Speakers

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Tina Sjogren
Tina Sjogren